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Glucose testing seems so simple.  Grab a "lancet" (fancy word for stabbing device), prick your finger with the lancet (not so fancy word for making yourself bleed), and hold finger so the "sample" can be taken into a glucose meter for analysis.  Easy! ...continue reading "Glucose Testing and A Lesson Learned"

Learning your type of Diabetes is actually pretty easy.  Your doctor should be able to tell you with decent confidence.  For example my own doctor stated that I had the white blood cell markers of Diabetes Type 1. ...continue reading "Know The Type of Diabetes You Have!"

YOU Are The Problem In This Equation

It's true!  You are always the variable in the scenario when it comes to controlling Diabetes of ANY type.  To list a few ...continue reading "Learn How Food Affects Your Diabetes"

There are many sites out on the inter-webs that tell you excellent ways of managing your diabetes in up-beat positive words.  That's great!  It's important to stay positive as much as possible. ...continue reading "Control Your Life With Diabetes!"