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Chipotle Glazed Meatloaf – A Journey Of Prejudice And Revelation

Meat and potatoes!!!  Now you're talking!

I blame my father for my love of meat and potatoes, but to me "blame" isn't the right word ūüôā

Needless to say, I was very excited when I found this as one of the meals that appeared on my doorstep.  Alternatively this particular meal has always been difficult for me to guess the carbohydrate count for two reasons...

  1. Everyone seems to make meatloaf differently.  Some put ketchup on top, some use breadcrumbs, some use oats, some add other things... Like RAISINS! yuck!
  2. Potatoes are always hard for me just because I look, make adjustments, and then go back for seconds.  It's a weakness

Anyway, I got my video equipment all setup and started laying out the ingredients.  Everything was going great until one of them finally registered in my brain... Raisins???  Who in the name of all that is good and pure adds RAISINS to a perfectly good meatloaf?!  Also, what is this seasoning we're adding?  What's wrong with meat with a bit of salt?

I'm really not a picky eater.  I'm not!  I'll try literally anything!  I like raisins OK by themselves, but they are one of my least favorite snacks.  Perhaps it's because I ate so many as a child.

Fact is, my plan was quite simply make a serving without raisins first and then add half the raisins for the second serving...  Anyway, you can see what happened in this video.

See?  I'm NOT A Picky Eater!

Alright, so I made a big deal out of the raisins in the meatloaf!  I still tried it and was pleasantly surprised how it helped balance out the heat of the chipotle pepper.

A quick side-note... Yes, I know I could've reduced the heat by taking the seeds out of the pepper and then cutting it up. ¬†The steps didn't indicate that I should, and I'm trying to keep the recipes as pure as possible. ¬†Mostly for my own experience growth ūüôā

Being open to trying something that you usually dislike keeps your mind open to new experiences and thus a much larger world.  It's incredible to me that so many close themselves off from experiences simply because they don't (or didn't) like a similar experience in the past.

Another thing we gain by opening ourselves up to new food experiences is the ability to judge the impact foods have on us as diabetics.  I now know better how to judge serving sizes of meatloaf as well as potatoes.

From A Diabetic Point of View

Looking at meat and potatoes always meant for me that I'd underestimate and would be fighting high glucose later or that I would overestimate and be fighting low glucose later.  This is mostly because of overeating or over "dosing" with insulin, but also because I never took the time to actually run the experiments.

With a service like Blue Apron, my hope was they did the "hard work" for me in calculating nutritional facts.  Turns out, they did!  They are now two for two (actually more than that because I don't record every meal).

Every meal I've made from Blue Apron has contained nutritional facts and been so close to perfect it's truly shocking.  Now, I WILL warn again, everyone is different so these facts may not be as perfect for you personally.  For me it's been surreal how accurate they are.

Anyway, from a diabetic point of view, and from a spice heat perspective, this meal was enlightening and I would recommend it without a doubt!

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