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Control Your Life With Diabetes!

There are many sites out on the inter-webs that tell you excellent ways of managing your diabetes in up-beat positive words.  That's great!  It's important to stay positive as much as possible.

These sites will say things like, "it's normal to feel overwhelmed, sad, or angry" and it is.  However, what they so often don't prepare you for is the frustration you likely feel because one day something works great and the next (doing exactly the same thing) will have your glucose levels jumping all over the place!  You see, there is science in controlling Diabetes, but really, to truly control your Diabetes you need to accept that it's an art.  Of course art is in the eye of the beholder, or more specifically put... Everyone is different and everyone is different day to day.

I know... Even more frustrating right?  Well, the truth is I personally have my ups and downs controlling my glucose levels.  The purpose of this site isn't to tell you all of the magical things that will make your life easier, but to help both you and I stay on track with our Diabetes.  I get to try various products/services and share those experiences with you!

Simply put, the basics of control are as follows:

  1. Know what type you have!!!

    1. This is the most frustrating part of the products out there.  All they say is, "helps control your glucose levels", or "CURE for diabetes" but only seem to mention what TYPE they are talking about in fine print or not at all.
  2. Consistent glucose testing

    1. There are many books on the subject of Diabetes and controlling glucose from those that are making use of insulin pumps to those that are doing it "the old fashioned way".  A couple of examples below.
      • Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitoring Made Easy, 1e - This particular book was published in 2016 by a PhD so it's slightly out of date and perhaps a bit on the technical side, but still contains great information for monitoring and controlling glucose.  There are pictures too (dunno, always seems to relax me a bit)!
      • Diabetes For Dummies - I always find a "... For Dummies" book useful.  I find them entertaining to read, lighthearted, and usually don't take too much time. Additionally, while they may be lighthearted, they also understand you're trying to learn!  I will warn you though, this one is more focused on Type 2 Diabetes...
  3. Learn about YOU!

    1. What I mean is, learn how YOUR body handles the food you eat and the affects of insulin (if you require insulin therapy) on your body.  This is the art part.  Only through experimentation can you do this.

That's it really... Those three steps (with a rinse and repeat on steps 2 through 3) are all you need to control your glucose levels.

Of course there is more to it than that!  Those are just the "basics".  Hang in there with me, and together maybe we can keep on top of developments in our distraction we call Diabetes.  We've got this!